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 Proactively recruiting industry since 1904, Cartersville-Bartow County, Georgia strategically strives to make doing business in the Location of Choice both easy and cost-effective.  From site selection to Certificate of Occupancy, and ongoing existing industry support, the Department of Economic Development is available to help support each project as appropriate.  Some examples of community incentives (statutory and discretionary) include:


Freeport Inventory Tax Exemption:


Exemption Level

Bartow County:


This community has passed Referendums that offers manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, and warehouse operations inventory tax exemptions on three (3) categories of property:  (1) Manufacturer's raw materials and goods in process, (2) Finished goods held by the original manufacturer, and (3) Finished goods held by distributors, wholesales, and manufacturers destined for out-of-state shipments.

Property Tax Abatement:

Qualified companies that finance their project with Industrial Development Bonds (IDB’s) issued by a local Development Authority (“the Authority”), may be able to obtain certain property tax relief for new assets.  This program is sometimes called, "Bonds for Title." In Bartow County, this discretionary incentive considered on a case-by-case basis is usually structured as a phase-in of property taxes over a certain period of time such as 5, 10 or more years for extraordinary opportunities.  Special respect is given to existing industries.  Important notes:

  • A "Project" may include improvements to land, building or equipment not already on the tax digest, totaling at least $5 million in new investment;
  • Must create quality jobs as defined by wages (compared to current community wages), with benefits;
  • Does not include the community’s financial guarantee of the bonds;
  • Must be environmentally sensitive, be a respectful fit into the community, and be a good corporate citizen;
  • Must hire Bartow County workers and purchase from Bartow companies if at all possible;
  • A P&A (Performance & Accountability) Agreement is expected;
  • Such assistance is subject to approval from the Authority, and various levels of local government.


Many fees experience in other communities simply are not charged in Bartow.  For example, there are no impact fees in unincorprated Bartow County.

Workforce / Hiring / Training Assistance:

  • Georgia Department of Labor (DOL) offers:
    • Labor Market Information
    • Onsite Business Centers
    • Recruitment and Staffing
    • Assistance with Tax Credits and Employment-related Laws
    • Among a variety of other programs.
  • Georgia QuickStart Program, the world renowned customized workforce training as a state incentive at no cost to qualified companies.
  • Chattahoochee Technical College and Georgia Highlands College (both with campuses in Bartow County) provide customized training opportunities, as well as traditional programs of study.
  • Bartow County College & Career Academy is a collaborative initiative uniquely attuned to the workforce needs of business and industry, offering both secondary and post-secondary instruction.
2017 GDEcD Business Incentives Brochure

state tax credits:

[From as applicable to Bartow County specifically]
Tax credits give Georgia businesses the opportunity to minimize or even eliminate state corporate income tax. They apply to all qualifying* companies - large, small and in between - rooted in Georgia or new to the state.  Typically, corporate income tax credits apply to 50 percent of a company’s state tax liability in a given year. But in some cases, they can offset up to 100 percent of corporate income tax as well as payroll withholding liability.  The tax credits referenced here are extended by the state of Georgia to support business growth.
  • Job Tax Credits:  Businesses in seven strategic industries can earn annual tax savings for each new job created, for up to five years.  The exact value of the job credits depends on two factors - how many jobs are created and where.  When exploring Sites & Buildings on this website, the "Incentivized Zone" should be indicated.



Minimum Net New Jobs

Job Tax Credit $

Use of Credits

Carry Forward




50% of tax liability

10 years

(Maps below)

(not husband & wife)


100% tax liability
excess to withholding

10 years


(Map below)

5 $3,500 100% tax liability excess to withholding 10 Years

* Qualified companies include Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Broadcasting, Warehousing & distribution, Research & development, and Tourism.

Example:  Taxpayer creates 50 jobs in a Tier 3 area offering a $1,750 credit, receives $437,500 in tax credits over five years to reduce their Georgia income tax [50 jobs x $1,750 x 5 years = $437,500].

OZ NW Industrial              OZ SW Industrial              LDCT

For more information on state incentives, visit


  • Exemption of sales tax on energy in the manufacturing process, made possible by Georgia HB 386.
    • 1/1/2016, 4% exemption, or 3% sales tax is applicable.

FEDERAL Incentives:

  • New Market Tax Credits (NMTC):  When exploring Sites & Buildings on this website, properties in NMTC eligible areas is a search criteria called "Incentivized Zone."


Disclaimer:  Cartersville-Bartow County Department of Economic Development does not provide tax or legal advice, but rather suggested options for a company's strategic consideration.

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