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SUNMAX TECH Settles in Adairsville

April 18, 2024

New Energy Industry Component Manufacturer, SUNMAX TECH, Officially Settles in Adairsville, Georgia

For Immediate Release

Thursday, April 18, 2024

Adairsville, Georgia - SUNMAX TECH, INC. is pleased to announce its establishment as a new company in the production of new energy components. The company is currently in the process of establishing production and manufacturing operation base in Adairsville, Georgia. The facility, spanning 300,000 square feet, is set to commence Phase I operations in May 2024.

"We are excited about SUNMAX TECH’s decision to launch a new business venture in Adairsville, Georgia. With its strategic location, vibrant community, and promising economic landscape, Adairsville provides an ideal environment for SUNMAX TECH to thrive and serve its customers with innovative solutions in the renewable energy sector. We look forward to them contributing to the local economy and building lasting partnerships within the Adairsville community," says Kenneth Carson, Mayor of the City of Adairsville.

Georgia's rapid development, coupled with increasing governmental support for the new energy industry, positions the region as a fertile ground for SUNMAX TECH's ambitions. The solar photovoltaic and new energy automotive sectors, in particular, hold significant market potential, driving SUNMAX TECH's strategic investment in the state.

“Georgia’s growing solar panel manufacturing industry is creating jobs and opportunities for many communities, especially in northwest Georgia,” said Kristi Brigman, Georgia Department of Economic Development Deputy Commissioner of Global Commerce. “Congratulations to SUNMAX TECH, Adairsville, and Bartow County as this project gets underway.”

Project Manager John Soper represented the Georgia Department of Economic Development’s (GDEcD) Global Commerce team on this project in partnership with the Metro Atlanta Chamber, and Electric Cities Georgia.

SUNMAX TECH plans to execute a comprehensive investment strategy over the next five to eight years, encompassing three distinct phases. In Phase I, the company will invest $39 million to establish a manufacturing facility and procure equipment for solar photovoltaic junction boxes and solar cables, creating 82 new job positions.

The subsequent phases will witness additional investments of $76 million and $78 million in Phase II and Phase III, respectively. These phases will focus on expanding production capabilities to include EVA film, cable line plastic material, aluminum solar frames, and copper wire, creating a total of 242 new job positions.

The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) forecasts exponential growth in solar photovoltaic capacity, with solar energy projected to become a primary electricity source by 2025. This trend underscores the immense investment potential in the photovoltaic sector, expected to reach $321 billion by 2030.

SUNMAX TECH's state-of-the-art production and manufacturing base in Georgia will integrate advanced automated production lines and equipment to meet the surging market demand. By 2027, the company anticipates achieving annual sales of $100 million and capturing over 40% market share in photovoltaic junction boxes and connectors across North America.

As a trusted supplier for industry giants such as Hanwha and Tesla in the United States, SUNMAX TECH is poised to provide unparalleled support for their growth initiatives. The strategic location in Georgia not only fulfills logistical needs but also aligns with sustainable operational models, such as the "Milk Run" zero inventory logistics system.

Moreover, SUNMAX TECH's key team members have many years of manufacturing experience and professional knowledge in new energy industry. They are providing comprehensive support for the company's development in technology and business. SUNMAX TECH recognizes Georgia's vibrant ecosystem of talent, education, and innovation as pivotal to its success. The company is committed to nurturing local talent and establishing a robust production management team to deliver cutting-edge products and superior service to the U.S. market.

"We are excited to contribute to Georgia's dynamic new energy landscape and are dedicated to fostering sustainable development while delivering top-notch products and services," stated CEO at SUNMAX TECH.

SUNMAX TECH's entry into Georgia marks a new stride towards innovation and sustainability in the new energy sector, reinforcing the state's position as a hub for technological advancement and economic growth.

“We’re extremely pleased to welcome SUNMAX TECH to Bartow County. Metro Atlanta is one of the leading solar energy hubs in the country, and cleantech is a top priority when it comes to growing our tech industry,” says Katie Kirkpatrick, president and CEO of the Metro Atlanta Chamber. “These projects are helping to shape the future of tech and our region.”  


For company’s open positions, please contact:


SUNMAX TECH, INC. is a leading manufacturer of new energy components committed to driving innovation and sustainability in the global energy sector. With state-of-the-art production facilities and a dedicated team of industry experts, SUNMAX TECH aims to revolutionize the way renewable energy solutions are delivered and utilized worldwide.

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